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Classes with Virago Nation

Virago Nation's Ruthe Ordare and Sparkle Plenty are in town for Pride Toronto and will be teaching for one day only, June 24 at the Toronto School of Burlesque.

Dangerous Curves - $25 PAY HERE

Glamour Clown - $25 PAY HERE

Do both classes for $40 PAY HERE Saturday June 24th 1-2pm - Glamour Clown with Sparkle Plenty 2-3pm - Dangerous Curves with Ruthe Ordare Toronto School of Burlesque 160 Spadina Ave, Toronto (upstairs) Contact: Ruthe Ordare or Sparkle Plenty at $25/class or $40 for both

Glamour Clown – A guide to painting your face for the stage Description: Your face is the key to connecting you with your audience so why not have your features visible to everyone in the room? This one hour workshop will guide you through techniques and tools that will elevate your make-up game. Sparkle Plenty will show you how to contour, highlight, bake & paint to add more drama to your already fabulous look for the stage so even the people in the back of the theatre can see you. Bring a notepad and pen to take notes. Dangerous Curves: Loving Your Body Description: "In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves" - Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton Dangerous Curves: Loving Your Body is a class for beginners to learn how to use every inch of their body to it's full potential. Rooted in voluptuous movement, this class will empower participants in embracing their bodies and using bumps, grinds, sways and rolls to feel their most sensual! Class will include a gentle cardio warm-up and stretch, some body celebration activities and beginner level choreography full of sassy movements.

This class is welcoming to all dance abilities and gender-identities.

Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in, preferably form-fitting so you can see your body lines. Class can be done in low dance heels (with ankle straps, no slip ons) or bare feet. Please bring water.

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