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Virago Nation has been described as "an empowering breath of fresh air" with "performances that will make you lust, laugh, cry, and scream #landback."


In 2016, a group of burlesque performers found community within their shared indigeneity. Like most artforms, burlesque was saturated with the outdated colonial and patriarchal idealisms of sexuality and performance.


Since then, Virago Nation has carved a new narrative in the world of burlesque while demonstrating that Indigenous women, femme, non-binary and two-spirit folk can (and should) feel empowered in their own sexuality. 


Virago Nation wants their audience to know that their bodies are sacred and can be honored without shame. They remind their viewers that heteronormativity is inherently colonial and that queerness is a gift to be celebrated! Their message is consistent, loud & clear - colonial and patriarchal ideologies have no place here.


Using storytelling, comedy, pop culture, and striptease, Virago Nation continues to show that Indigenous sexuality is multi-faceted, dynamic, powerful, and an experience that is deeply personal.

Virago Nation incorporated as a non-profit in 2019 to become Virago Nation Indigenous Arts Society with the goal to reach more Indigenous communities to find the good medicine that exists within their bodies.

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