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The performers of Virago Nation deliver a variety of burlesque styles. Through humour, seduction, pop culture and politics, they aim to show that Aboriginal women will not be confined to the virgin-whore dichotomy but will forge a new reconciliation with their bodies.

Ruthe Ordare

Ruthe Ordare is the Indigifemme Amuse Bouche serving up hips, thighs and bedroom eyes since 2011. She is a performer from the Mohawk Nation and a founding member of the all-Aboriginal troupe Virago Nation. Dubbed the Canadian Meringue for being light on her feet and twice as sweet, Ruthe serves up classic glamour with a contemporary pulse! 

In her international travels, Ruthe has been awarded “Best Solo” at the Texas Burlesque Festival and “Best Duo” at the Oregon Burlesque Festival. She has performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s Movers, Shakers & Innovators Showcase in 2015 & 2017 and the Tournament of Tease in 2013. 

When not on stage, Ruthe can be found teaching at the Vancouver Burlesque Co. and acting as the Artistic Director of the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival.

Shane Sable

2Spirit Gitxsan artist and activist Shane Sable has slayed stages all over Vancouver in front of and behind the scenes since 2011. Shane has an abiding hunger for audience engagement and delights in the tension created by breaking the 4th wall of burlesque. Shane is the convening member of Virago Nation - Turtle Island’s first all-indigenous burlesque collective and Festival Administrator for the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival.

Scarlet Delirium

Vancouver BC’s Raven Goddess and official Panty Auntie of Burlesque! This Kwakwaka’wakaw Indigi-Babe Scarlet Delirium hails from the Land of the HeadHunters and has been enjoying the slow burn of Burlesque and Cabaret since 2010. Performing with a variety of amazing groups such as; Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society, The VanDolls, Boutique Cabaret and the astounding women of Virago Nation. She has sauntered onto the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival Stage as well as the Itty Bitty Burlesque Festival, The Burlesque Hall of Fame and a variety of Indigenous Festivals all around Canada! During the daylight hours she doubles as Costume Designer for herself and her Burlesque family.

Manda Stroyer

Indigibabe Manda Stroyer is a Dakota artist who’s been performing burlesque since 2011. She performed with and co-produced the whimsical troupe “Boutique Cabaret” and has found her home with Turtle Island’s first all indigenous troupe “Virago Nation”. She’s also a momma of 2 and believes fiercely in breaking the stereotype that motherhood means giving up sexual expression. When she’s not raising the future generation off stage she will be raising your temperature on stage.

Sparkle Plenty

Sparkle Plenty is Vancouver's glamedian, weirdlesquer and word-maker-upper who has been delivering beautifully bizarre burlesque acts for over 10 years! This fiery goddess is Cree with mixed heritage and is a proud sister of the first-ever all Indigenous burlesque group, Virago Nation. You can find her teasing and emceeing on stages (and online) all over Vancouver, Toronto, Las Vegas, and more. Sparkle has been invited as a featured performer in burlesque festivals in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton as well as queer and Indigenous arts festivals throughout the city.


The Rainbow Slut, with her Glitz Pot of gold!!! That is RainbowGlitz who holds Haida (raven)Yalh 'jaanas, Squamish, Musqueam and mixed heritage. She began her burlesque journey in 2013 with the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society Becoming Burlesque program. She made her debut with “What’s New Pussycat” with Kitty Nights West. Since then she has been a part of numerous burlesque productions and variety nights with the Geekenders. She portrayed Sploosh the Stormtrooper in the Star Wars Burlesque Spectacular for the sold-out Vancouver run. She is happy to find a new home with Virago Nation.

Monday Blues

Monday Blues.jpg

Monday Blues is an Afro-Indigenous (Togolese-Secwepemc) burlesque artist, life coach, advocate & activist. Monday's been performing burlesque professionally since 2011 and has graced stages all over the world. After serving a two year term on the board of directors for Vancouver international Burlesque festival, her most recent endeavours include being an avid entrepreneur, both in sex work and coaching capacities, as well as pursuing her passion of coaching anti-oppressive/decolonized leadership. 

This year Miss Monday Blues enters semi-retirement as a performer so she can focus her energy on being a badass auntie/agent of change. 

Lynx Chase


A true showpony at heart, Lynx Chase has always been passionate about movement and performance arts. Over the years she has trained in a variety of disciplines ranging from Aerial Hoop, Silks, Contortion, Partner Acrobatics, Bellydance & Capoeira;  however it wasn't until she discovered Pole Dancing in 2012 that she found her true vocation. Lynx has been professionally teaching in Vancouver since 2015 and has also showcased her gravity-defying acts at various events and festivals across the province such as Retro Strip Show, Queer Arts Festival, Transform Cabaret Festival, Bass Coast, and Shambhala Music Festival. It is her hope to continue to share her craft with the world by demonstrating the strength, sensuality, artistry, and grace that goes hand in hand with the art of pole and exotic dance.

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