The performers of Virago Nation deliver a variety of burlesque styles. Through humour, seduction, pop culture and politics, they aim to show that Aboriginal women will not be confined to the virgin-whore dichotomy but will forge a new reconciliation with their bodies.

Ruthe Ordare

Ruthe Ordare is the blond bombshell of Vancouver, BC Canada - serving up hips, thighs and bedroom eyes since 2011. She is a performer of mixed heritage from the Mohawk Nation and is a founding member of the all-Aboriginal troupe Virago Nation.


On stage, she's been dubbed the Canadian Meringue for being light on her feet and twice as sweet, Ruthe serves up classic glamour with a contemporary pulse. She can be found performing regularly with the live-jazz burlesque troupe Pandora & The Locksmiths and at her own monthly show The Orchid Club.


In her international travels, Ruthe has been awarded “Best Solo” at the 2014 Texas Burlesque Festival and “Best Duo” at the 2014 Oregon Burlesque Festival. She has performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s Movers, Shakers & Innovators Showcase in 2015 and the Tournament of Tease in 2013. When not on stage, Ruthe can be found at the Vancouver Burlesque Centre where she acts as the Assistant Director and resident instructor.

Shane Sable

Shane Sable is a Gitxsan artist of mixed heritage. Since debuting in 2011, Shane has slayed stages all over Vancouver, both in front of and behind the scenes. She cut her teeth on production management with Rock and Roll Burlesque as Operations Manager for Blue Morris Productions and refined these skills as a board member for the Vancouver International Burlesque festival for three consecutive terms. Since then, Shane has co-founded several shows and is a convening member of Virago Nation.

Scarlet Delirium

The Raven Goddess beckons you into to join in a delectable frenzy of chaos and tease! Scarlet Delirium, who holds Kwakitul and Irish/Scottish heritage, has been enjoying the slow burn of Burlesque and Cabaret since 2010. Performing with a variety of amazing groups such as; Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society, The VanDolls, Boutique Cabaret and of course with the astounding women of Virago Nation. She has sauntered onto the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival Stage in both 2013 and 2014 with two incredible Burlesque productions. During the daylight hours she doubles as Costume Designer for herself and her Burlesque sisters.

Manda Stroyer

Manda Stroyer's feisty but sugar sweet antics will be sure to charm your pants off. Manda Stroyer claims Dakota/Sioux and mixed heritage. Since a young age Manda Stroyer has had a love for wild costumes and dance, so for her, it was just a natural progression into burlesque and cabaret. She entered the world of burlesque in 2006 stage kittying, go-go dancing and training in various forms of dance before finally debuting as a solo performer in 2011. In addition to Vancouver's newest troupe "Virago Nation" she is also co-founder of “Boutique Cabaret”, a whimsical cabaret troupe inspired by Bob Fosse and Broadway musicals with a heavy sprinkling of sex appeal.

Sparkle Plenty

Sparkle Plenty is Vancouver's glamedian, weirdlesquer and word-maker-upper who has been delivering beautifully bizarre burlesque acts for over 10 years! This fiery goddess is Cree with mixed heritage and is a proud sister of the first-ever all Indigenous burlesque group, Virago Nation. You can find her teasing and emceeing with the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society as well as on stages all over Vancouver, Toronto, Las Vegas, and more. Sparkle has been invited as a featured performer in burlesque festivals in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton as well as queer and Indigenous arts festivals throughout the city.


RainbowGlitz holds Haida (raven)Yalh 'jaanas, Squamish, & Musqueam heritage. She began her burlesque journey in 2013 with the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society Becoming Burlesque program. She made her debut with “What’s New Pussycat” with Kitty Nights West. Since then she has been a part of numerous burlesque productions and variety nights with the Geekenders. She portrayed Sploosh the Stormtrooper in the Star Wars Burlesque Spectacular for the sold-out Vancouver run. She is happy to find a new home with this amazing group Virago Nation.

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